CSS Web Design

Most of you that are still stuck with designing your websites by using tables need to understand that times have changed and new methods have emerged such as Cascading Style Sheets or CCS web design that have fast replaced the method of using tables that was the standard for may years. However, with all these new changes taking place, now you should seriously contemplate moving over to CSS web design if you don’t want to be left behind in the race to mega profits.

With CSS web design you are able remove the content and separate it from your presentation since you could use an external style sheet which holds the different styles for your website that makes it possible for you to make changes by just editing whichever particular page you want to change. This is certainly a major improvement over the old method of having to edit each and every page in your website, which took forever to complete.

What’s more, once you make the switch over to CSS web design you will find that search engine Google will give enough weightage to its use and thus end up ranking such pages higher on its results pages and even the various search engines will spider content that is at the top of your source code. What it means is that with CSS web design you can make your content structured in such a way as to make the content appear at the top of your source code and thus get your website ranked higher and thereby get a head start on the competition.

Another advantage of using CSS web design is that it allows your website pages to load faster and thus you don’t risk having visitors leave your website because it took too long to load. If you are still using tables in your website then you would understand the amount of time that it takes to load all the tables. Another benefit of using CSS web design is that you can have HTML documents that are smaller in size which will also considerably reduce the time it takes to load the pages.

Also, when using CSS web design you are able to do away with extraneous HTML code which will end up making your website less cluttered and more neat as well as clean and that means that you can easily edit and alter code without going through too many labor pangs doing so.

In today’s world of virus attacks, people prefer to surf without having JavaScript enabled and thus whatever attractive JavaScript navigation that you had made in your web design will be lost on them. However, when using CSS navigation you can get the same results and thus you can get rollovers as well other nifty effects which are also more user friendly as well.

The bottom line is that CSS web design is a lot quicker to do as compared with tables and it is also possible to use certain styles across your site and thus you get the best out of your web design.

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