Important Rules in Web Design

The importance of paying the closest attention to each and every detail of your web site’s design cannot be overemphasized because only with the proper web design can you hope to get your web site to perform in an optimal manner and to get it to serve the purpose for which it was made. Thus, it pays to understand what are the important rules that you need to follow when it comes to creating the best web design for your web site so that it does what it was meant to do.

The simplest rule to creating good web sites is to ensure that your web design does not include having a splash page which is the first page visitors to your web site encounter. Though these pages may contain beautiful images and may have a welcome message as well, they are no more than pretty vases that serve no real purpose, and so if you want your visitor to get more value when they visit your web site, dispense with the splash pages.

Another common pitfall that you will encounter when making the design for your web site is being prone to using too much of banner advertising, because most people, even if they are not tech savvy, will not pay any serious attention to these banner advertisements, which means that you will only be wasting your web site real estate, which could be put to much better use by having content of good value and which also has affiliate marketing links so that the overall impression that visitors to your web site get is to want to buy something rather than being hustled into buying.

Yet another important web design aspect is to make your web site easy to navigate and when you have taken the trouble to include navigation menus that are easy as well as straightforward, you will be assured that even a complete notice will be able to get across your web site without much fuss or bother. In a similar vein, it is important to know where in your web site a visitor is when he goes to different places, because it is important to know this information as it makes their browsing experience fun and informative and does not end up making them abandon ship.

It is also not a good idea to include audio clips in your site, because most visitors to a web site will rather spend time reading informative content that listen to audio, which can often be more annoying than informative. In any case, if you feel that you really do need to have audio in your web site, you must provide good controls such as volume control and mute functions so that listening is made easier for the visitor.

If you pay special heed to these pointers to creating a good web site and incorporate this advice when you are designing your web site, you should find that the visitor will feel more at home when he or she visits the site and he should also have a good time viewing different aspects of the web site which may hopefully even make him or her want to convert the visit into a sale.

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