Is good design the key to better websites?

The first thing that you need to be clear about when creating a website is to know its purpose. Most webs site owners will generally create web sites in order to sell their products online, increase their subscriptions and to generate more leads as well as to make bagfuls of money. Though these are laudable goals with regard to creating a web site, they are only partially the whole reason why you would want a web site because what happens on your website is just as important. Thus, a good web site should be able to connect with visitors who you want to serve and proper web design is thus crucial to the success of your web site.

The reason why you should connect well with your visitors is that the novelty of shopping online has long since worn off, and with an estimated more than one hundred million competing websites, you have your work cut out for you. Thus, good web design will definitely make for a better web site and it should also concern itself with the customers and so the design, content and navigation should be cleverly thought out so that your customer finds his time at your web site profitable and thus converts the visit to a sale.

However, be aware that good web design does not necessarily mean only that search engine optimization is the only goal for it, because though getting the web site ranked high is desirable, your ultimate goal must be to sell products and services and it is better to have a single visitor buying rather than having thousands who come to the web site without buying anything. Thus, you don’t need to think of just high search engine rankings, and it need not be the topmost priority in web design.

Still, good web design will make for a better web site, especially when it makes the site clear and concise rather than clever and thus it should make it obvious to the customer what you are selling, and otherwise your web site may be doomed to fail. It follows that your web design must ensures that each page identifies the company and its products and services, the site should be well organized and it should point the customer towards buying though without any hustle, and there should be strong headlines that make an impact in the minds of the customer.

Furthermore, if your web design was good it would have ensured that the text is easily readable and the copy well organized and there should be adequate emphasis on the benefits of buying your products and services, and each page should have the effect of achieving its objective, while the navigation should lead the customer by the hand. What all this means is that you should have had the web design been made professionally and it should effectively help you sell your products and services.

No doubt, you may want to use some amount of cosmetic touches which also helps enhance the overall look of the site and keeps customers interested and impressed as well. However, another more important aspect that good web design can help in building better web sites is to allow for good customer interaction as well as feedback.

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