The Importance of E-Commerce Web Design and CSS

Today’s technology is strengthening at a tremendous speed; the internet has become a vital resource for the majority of the population and counting. More and more people are exponentially learning to use the internet on a daily basis. The internet is a BOOMING industry as you may know.

The majority of all users out there are on some type either a desktop or a laptop computer and this has usually been the case. So designing “to fit” was never really a large issue for web developers until recently more and more users are purchasing and services there internet capable handhelds, cell phones, tablets of all shapes and sizes. The most flexible type of layout that can fit across the majority of these platforms is what is called a liquid layout. It’s a mix of html, PHP/ASP or any flavor code but most importantly CSS. CSS, short for Cascading Style Sheets, a new feature being added to HTML that gives both Web design developers and users more control over how pages are displayed. With CSS, designers and users can create style sheets that define how different elements, such as headers and links, appear.

These Style Sheets can then be applied to any Web page. This is a dynamic way to centralize the looks or style of any web site. This can also be applied when using different screen size. With your flavor of code added with CSS you can have the server displays the page to auto-detect which type of browser and or machine the viewer is looking at your site on, therefore it can auto-fit to the best perspective and layout, thus actually delivering your site to all users out there no matter what screen size or ratio they are viewing your site on. This a huge factor when developing one’s site and almost always goes overlooked when choosing a developer or firm to create your companies web site.

Now, if you do not plan ahead in the development stages you can lose a large percentage of viewers coming to your site. It’s one thing getting your traffic there, and to have a snazzy or flashy web design but allowing 100% of the viewers to actually see your site is a point this is far too often overlooked.

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