Web Design Elements to Avoid On Your Website

Though creating a well designed web site may not involve any rocket science, it does nevertheless have to do enough to eliminate flaws so that the web site performs according to expectations and thus reaches its maximum potential. Thus, you need to incorporate certain elements while avoiding others. To begin with, your web design should ensure that it is free from deadly flaw regarding use of too many keywords.

If you are a webmaster that is not very experienced, you may not be able to get the keywords right when designing the web site. Also, the goal of well designed web sites is to create a good impression in the minds of visitors and to also make the website easy to use. What’s more, even if you have the best and hottest selling product being sold on your web site, it would do little to help your online business if the web design of the web site was poor.

Good web design is more than having great graphics since there are a number of other components that go into making a good web design such as accessibility and interface and also layout design, as well as design related to user experience, and finally the graphics of it all. It thus pays to know what make the worst features of bad web design and to avoid them like the plague.

The first thing that you can safely eliminate from your web design is having background music except in case your web site pertains to promoting music in different forms or is generally related to music. There is actually little to recommend using looping background music on your site which despite sounding pleasant would certainly slow down the loading of your web site pages (especially, if the web site contains huge numbers of pages) and which could annoyingly repeat it every time a visitor changed a page. It also adds to the burden on the visitor, especially if they are using slow dial-up connections.

Similarly, there is no sense in having loads of high-tech clutter which can help divert the attention of visitors from your main sales pitch. Also, you need to ensure that your web site loads within six seconds and thus you need to avoid using too much of graphics that will only help slow down how fast your web site loads. In addition, to ensure that your message is comprehensible to visitors you need to eliminate use of ambiguous words and examples and also makes sure that your main message is not written just once, since it should be repeated at least three times to avoid having people miss the message.

It is also not a good idea for you to place all the words together since visitors prefer to skim the content and thus, there should be much headings and also sub-headings to make things easier for the visitor. Finally, the content should not be such that it deals with things that visitors to your site are not interested in. Thus, if your site is dealing with soccer, it would be pointless to have content on fishing.

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